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Five Free Songs is all about singer-songwriters. We present you with a nice selection of 'hand picked' talented artists who are definitely worth listening to. We prefer quality above quantity. We just started our music adventure and haven't officially 'launched' yet, so there are only five artists featured on the site yet. We've already lined up some very fine artists who will be featured in the couple of weeks. You should follow us on Twitter, so we can keep you posted on new artists.

You can listen to the songs and read about the artist on their Artist Pages and, if you like what you hear, download the songs to put them on your iPod. Let the artists know that you like their music by joining their email list and by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter and other places. Or by making a small donation. When you donate to an artist, you're not only letting them know you're a true fan, but you'll ensure that they continue to make music. And you'll be among the first to know about it.

  • Are you a singer-songwriter?

The artists represented on the site were invited because we love their music. If you're a singer-songwriter (or if you know someone we should feature) submit some info here. We love to hear great new music.

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