A long time ago in a land far away, major record labels had people working for them who loved music. These A&R reps travelled around and saw as many artists as possible. When they found an amazing musician that they fell in love with, they signed him to record new music and support them through their career. The label promoted the new album, worked it to radio, gave the band tour support so they could get out on the road to help them win over as many fans as possible. This was, and sometime still is, each artist’s dream.

But those days are over
Breaking new and original music became a risk the majors weren’t as interested in taking and they’ve lost their edge and appeal as a result. These days, they don’t take many risks and when they do there’s not a lot of money available to support the artist as it begins its career. Luckily, recording costs have declined, the barrier to entry is almost completely gone and any artist can distribute a recorded album on the Internet. The problem is that now there’s simply TOO MUCH music! With over 6 million artists on MySpace alone, how do you find the good stuff? And, if you’re a talented hard working musician, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Five Free Songs exists to help artists build their fanbase by giving them some simple tools to create a foundation. But we can only do so much, so we need your help. If you are one of those super music fans that’s constantly searching for the next big artist, YOU are our A&R department. We want to hear your music when you’re a singer-songwriter And if you are a music fan, we want to know who your favorite unsigned singer-songwriters are! If you’re not someone who searches for music, but loves being the first to know about a new great band, we’ll be your new source for quality music.

The next level
Five Free Songs is a place where today’s tastemakers can let the world know when they’ve found a great new artist. If they make the cut, we’ll add them to the Five Free Songs site, feature them and give everyone the tools to socialize the music. Once an artist has a significant number of fans, we’ll pitch in and gather some people together to take that artist to the next level in their career.

That’s where NovaTunes, indie labels and other Five Free Songs partners come in. Once the artist has proven that they have the potential to reach a larger audience, we’ll put together a team and get to work on getting new material recorded and market them to fans in a smart way. All along we’re helping to build the artists’ fanbase so they can communicate directly with the people who enjoy their music. As a fan, you’ll get to follow and be involved in their career as they grow. After all, you’re one of the music fans that helped them get noticed!

So, c’mon - be a part of the “human-powered music discovery service.” Be a part of Five Free Songs.