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Jessie Grace - Five Free Songs

Jessie Grace

Jessie's Five Free Songs

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Jessie Grace is a singer/songwriter from South Bucks, just west of London (U.K). She began her life in music studying classical piano and went on to teach herself guitar. It was then that she began to write songs. Her main musical influences include Radiohead, The Raconteurs, Nirvana, Bjork and PJ Harvey and she has incorporated all of these influences into her debut album ‘Asleep On The Good Foot’, produced by Dave Draper. The five free songs presented here are taken from that wonderful album.

The album has so far been very well received, gaining praise from UK media, both on radio and online. Tracks from the album have been broadcast on several ‘BBC Introducing’ shows, (Three Counties, BBC Oxford, and BBC Berks) with opening track ‘Beautiful’ being aired nationally on Tom Robinson’s ‘Introducing’ programme on BBC6.

In a recent review of the record, music reviewer Toxic Pete sums her style up:
“…Jessie’s music sits somewhere between the nu-folk of K T Tunstall and some of the more angularly jazzy Joni Mitchell works. Add to that a very commercial sounding vocal delivery; something again between Tunstall, Judie Tzuke and Dido and you’ve got yourselves a very viable, workmanlike piece of work! Jessie Grace keeps this work very fluid, it’s continually changing, evolving; just when you think you’ve got her sorted and labelled she hits you with something that refuses to be pigeonholed and you have to start re-thinking your initial assessment… if Jessie Grace can get the promotional support she deserves, this lady will be a name and a force to contend with…”

Colin MacKinnon from Oxfordbands.com comments: “Asleep on the Good Foot’ is an excellent debut from a really promising talent. A song like ‘L.O.V. E.’ is clinching proof of how good Grace can be, bringing it all together: smart songwriting, sympathetic production and a delectable voice. And she’s young and gorgeous. Don’t you just hate her?”

Jessie has previously been involved in several band projects and is now focussing on making it as a solo artist. She hopes ‘Asleep on the Good Foot’ represents a strong beginning to a long career producing world-class music.

You can buy the full CD at CD Baby

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/jesiegrace
Follow on Twitter: @JessieGrace

5 Reviews

Rosie Warburton | Wed Aug 05, 2009 at 4:40 pm

L.O.V.E is my favorite with haunting tune and lovely words but all the songs are original and beautifully sung with love and conviction.  This musician truly deserves a much larger audience.

Nigel Turner | Wed Aug 05, 2009 at 8:33 am

I discovered jessies songs on myspace and read that there would be an outpouring of songs on, what has been, a long awaited cd.
Well was it worth the wait…On so many levels, a resounding yes, these 8 songs are the outpouring of a very eclectic musician, never settling for one style from track to track, but always having a constant thread or feel running through it.
The first thing I noticed, is the quality of production, its beautiful and warm,  Jessies vocal and harmonies sweep and dive and soar always with alot of attention to the songs, there are layers and textures from instruments that come and go which weave and twist and turn, just like the narative on each tune.
Somthing like a sketch book or a diary, With Jessie there are no rules, simple or sometime complex, whats in her head is laid bare and its a magnificent outpouring of emotive and heart felt songs, the musicianship is always understated and leaves you wanting for more.
There is a feeling here that we are at the tip of a great career, its filed under ‘pop / folk’ in the download section, but, this is much more than that, and the delivery is sometimes reminiscent of the great Jeff Buckley or Sade but always Jessie.
If its a singer songwriter with class and talent then look no further, step off the world and dream awhile with Asleep on the Good Foot, oh and then play it again and again…

zander ran | Mon Aug 03, 2009 at 10:21 pm

Jess has a powerful talent which must shine and L.O.V.E is perfect evidence this lady can go the distance…Joni..Tori…Kate and beyond…a lovely fist of precocious tunes…awe…and then some!

Louise Fletcher | Wed Jul 29, 2009 at 6:57 pm

This is a wonderful album that really grows on you. It’s certainly not an ‘easy’ album. Jessie is a terrific composer who has a wonderful voice. L.O.V.E. is my favorite track. I just love it!

Jack Warner | Tue Jul 28, 2009 at 5:29 am

There are many talented singer-songwriters around, but Jessie Grace definitely stands out from the crowd. From “Beautiful” to “Spring Time” this debut is a real gem!

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